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eLearnSecurity Announces Partnership with Lares Consulting

SANTA CLARA, California, Wednesday, December 16, 2015

eLearnSecurity, a provider of practical IT Security training courses, today announced their partnership with Lares Consulting, a leading IT Security Consulting firm in North America.

Lares Consulting’s customer base requires IT security training  to increase the internal skillset on offensive and defensive security. This collaboration enables clients of Lares Consulting tobenefit from the full range of eLearnSecurity training course offerings. eLearnSecurity and Lares Consulting will provide training on topics such as social engineering, advanced techniques of penetration testing and practical network and web defense.

Armando Romeo, CEO of eLearnSecurity, was quoted saying: “We are excited to announce this partnership with Lares Consulting today. This will enable us to serve even more corporate clients in North America, which is currently one of the biggest growth markets for our corporate training offers.”

Lares Consulting (http://www.lares.com) is an IT security consulting firm operating in North America. Lares is working with government agencies and Fortune 500 companies. The Lares team comprises of extensively trained and highly experienced information security professionals, who are dedicated to providing a comprehensive approach to organizational information security.

eLearnSecurity (https://www.eLearnSecurity.com) has proven to be a leading innovator in the field of practical IT Security training. Best of breed virtualization technology, in-house projects such as Coliseum Web Application Security Framework and Hera Network Security Lab, have changed the way students learn and practice new skills.


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