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eLearnSecurity’s Amazing 2017, thanks to you!

So, here we are again. The year has come and (almost) gone. 2017 brought us the launch of our technical webinar series, multiple training course launches, an awesome stint at Black Hat USA, and the monumental acquisition of The Ethical Hacker Network.

Before we cross into the new year, we invite you to join us as we look back at our biggest moments from 2017, and catch a peek of what the eLearnSecurity community can look forward to in 2018.

January: Unfinished business

We kicked off the 2017 with the first installment of our technical webinar series – a back-to-basics take on what happens behind the scenes during a penetration test. See See Through the Eyes of a Pentester.

In what was a massive plot twist, our MISSION: Dubai winner’s supposed December 2016 trip was pushed back to a month later. Costin-Alin Neacsu finally began his exploration of Dubai on January 15th, culminating with a private heli-tour over the city and a dinner with eLS CEO Armando Romeo. Read travel journal entries for Costin’s Dubai adventure here.

February: A bright spark

We had an opportunity to work alongside our London-based friends from Netsparker in February, with our teams uniting to host another technical webinar. We featured an extreme close-up on how web app scanners help security teams save hundreds of man hours in vulnerability detection. Learn more about Effectiveness of Automated Web Security Scanners.

March: Gritty refresh

March saw students from Canada use our courses to capture the flag in the NETsoc TacOps VII challenge. Across the Atlantic, however, students from Belgium did things the other way around, and captured the flag to win eLS courses during their third annual Cyber Security Challenge.

We also had an someone from this little company called ‘Google’ teach us a thing or two about dealing with a broken Heart(bleed bug). Straight out of the Googleplex, Kostya Serebryany explained what the fuss over fuzz testing is in Fuzzing for Security and Stability.

September 2016’s Mobile Application Security and Penetration Testing v2 training course also got a Refresh this month, where MASPTv2 students received a whole lot of new topics, labs, and lab guides. Try a demo of the Refreshed version of MASPTv2 here.

April: Lucky seven

April marked eLearnSecurity’s 7th anniversary since embarking on this wild ride. This month was also when we began preparations for our Vegas heist, signing up to become one of the sponsors at Black Hat USA 2017.

As the month-long celebration went on, more than a hundred students got a pleasant surprise in the mail – an eLearnSecurity swag bag containing the FORGED by eLS shirt and laptop decal.

May: (RED) & Black

Alongside the red-hot MASPTv2 update was a red-hot contest for all enrollees into the course. Kimiaki Naito emerged as the lucky winner, and we shipped his limited edition iPhone 7 (PRODUCT)RED to Japan.

With the next phase of our Vegas heist underway: we needed a partner-in-crime in Sin City. A whirlwind of MISSION: Black Hat USA entries made their way to us in hopes of bagging the jackpot – tickets to Fabulous Las Vegas to attend the security conference of the year, and a stay at the 5-star Luxor Hotel.

Doyensec founder and Black Hat Briefings speaker Luca Carettoni also joined us for an advanced webinar on unleashing the full power of the Burp Suite web app tool through its extension capabilities. Catch a replay of Developing Burp Suite Extensions.

June: Season finale

In our last technical webinar for the year, we took on one of the most pervasive threats to security: web applications. In this webinar, we taught attendees the best practices and pro tips for boosting their chances of success at pentest projects. Check out Stepping Through Your First Web App Penetration Test.

July: Viva Las Vegas!

It was Zolton Williams’ name that was drawn among the hundreds of MISSION: BHUSA entries; and on July 25th, he touched down in Vegas for 3 days of beers, briefings, and blackjack.

We were there for all of it, too. Our booth at Black Hat USA’s Innovation City played host to a bunch of meetings with clients, course co-authors, and students. We loved it so much, we’re coming back next year! Read our round-up of what went down at the Black Hat Briefings Days 1 and 2.

August-September: Wonder Women

As fervent supporters of workplace diversity and women in tech, we reaffirmed our support to our friends from the Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu by again awarding two outstanding women with PTPv4 training during the 4th Annual Cyberjutsu Awards.

August also marked the start of the two-month long eLearnSecurity Review Contest, which gained us valuable feedback from the community at large, and which also got ten student-reviewers their pick of an eLS training course.

October: eXtreme ways

After deliberating over the dozens of reviews we received, we picked the ten best ones from the bunch and let them choose which among our courses—upcoming ones included—they wanted to take.

Fortunately, just before the winners were revealed was another, bigger announcement: the launch of the most advanced training course on network pentesting, Penetration Testing eXtreme. As you can probably imagine, a lot of the winners held out for PTX. Try a course demo of PTX here.

November: All in the family

With the holidays creeping closer, we wanted to have a bigger Caendra, Inc. family gathered around the tree come Christmas time. Thus, the groundbreaking announcement from Armando that a long-time time friend will be joining us. That friend? Don Donzal—and with him comes the acquisition of The Ethical Hacker Network.

December: Holiday hunting

With an extraordinary year coming to an end, of course we couldn’t just close it out small. Barely a month after the release of PTX, comes its Blue counterpart, Threat Hunting Professional—focusing on detecting the threats and attacks PTX teaches. Try a course demo of THP here.

And of course, not one to break a holiday tradition, we also gave away our early Year-End Gifts to everybody, allowing students to get a jump on their security training before the year ends —which is probably a good idea, considering what we have in store for you in 2018!


You ain’t seen nothing yet!

If you thought 2017 was good, watch out for the next one. We’re just getting started, and even more exciting things await us these coming months. Here are a few you should look out for:

  • a Hack.me overhaul;
  • updates to your favorite courses;
  • even more brand new training courses;
  • the return of the Ethical Hacker Network!

Before the ball drops and the fireworks start, the team would like to thank each and everyone of you for being a part of our eLS community, and for helping us reach new heights, year in and year out.

Have a Happy New Year, everybody!

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