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On the road with eLearnSecurity in 2016

That’s it! 2016 has come and gone. It was a hell of a ride with all of you, and we wouldn’t have had it any other way!

But before we proceed with the rest of our 2017, we’d love for you to join us on a quick trip down recent-memory lane, and see what happened this year on our eLearnSecurity adventure.


January and February: University drive

The year started off on a ‘blue’ note, as Marshall University sought the assistance of the eLearnSecurity Penetration Testing Student (PTS) course in preparing their Blue Team for the upcoming National Collegiate Cyber Defense Challenge.

Not one to shy away from the college scene – on February, we welcomed the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) together with Durham College (DC) into the eLS community through NITWIITs, a collective effort between students from UOIT and DC to bring IT security training into the classroom.

March: MitM East

Having an office in one of the hotter regions of the globe proved to be pretty cool, as the team was able to personally meet with students and other IT security professionals based in the Middle East during the Gulf Information Security Expo and Conference. eLearnSecurity also provided the winners of Microsoft’s Future Technology Week Hackathon with their own PTS training course (try it for free here).

IMG_2345 IMG_2369

It was also in March when the University of Dubai tapped eLearnSecurity’s state-of-the-art Hera IT security Virtual Labs to incorporate a hands-on dimension to their cybersecurity curriculum.

April: Move to the Bay Area

On what was a monumental month, our CEO Armando Romeo announced the company headquarters’ move to Santa Clara, California, and the unification of all projects – namely eLearnSecurity, Hack.me, and the secret project (hands up if it’s no longer a secret to you!) – under the Silicon Valley-based umbrella of Caendra Inc.

The announcement, made on eLearnSecurity’s 6th birthday, also paved the way for the 20 Days of Celebrations – our way of saying thank you for joining us on this wonderful odyssey.


June: PTP gets an upgrade, Crytek gets in on the action

June saw eLearnSecurity’s showstopper get a monster upgrade under the hood. Penetration Testing Professional (PTP) went from v3 to v4 on June 21st, and boy, was it a hit! To cap off this huge launch, we also gave away a huge number of prizes: 1,004 to be exact! From secret project memberships to Elite edition training courses – basically everyone who walked into the webinar walked away with a prize. (Get started with PTPv4 now)

Meanwhile, 5,600 miles away in Latvia, the guys who started the Far Cry and Crysis video game franchises – gaming company Crytek – announced that its Computer Security Incident Response Team will have eLearnSecurity as its primary infosec training provider.

August: Cyberninja in Virginia

Back stateside, eLearnSecurity continued to show its support to the women who are moving mountains in cybersecurity by awarding Elite edition-PTPv4 training courses to two amazing ladies from the Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu during their third Annual Cyberjutsu Awards in Arlington.


September: New challenges and a secret launch

We were in the mood to shake things up a bit in September, and added something different to the mix.

First was brainXploit, a series of challenges on anything involving security – from history, cryptography, and vulnerability hunting.

The second was UNLOCKED. A training course launch that involved the community making wild guesses on what it would be. And as it turns out, it was not WAPTv2, as someone was hoping it would be (WAPTv2 was launched more than a year ago, ICYMI), but the brand new Mobile Application Security and Penetration Testing v2 (Get your hands on a free MASPT demo).

October: Fly to Dubai, BSides in the Caribbean islands

It sounded too good to be true when Armando hinted during the UNLOCKED event that we are going to be flying a student to Dubai from virtually anywhere on Earth. But fast forward to a couple of weeks later, and we announced the launch of the grandest contest in IT security – MISSION: Dubai.

As you can imagine, an opportunity to travel Dubai in style for free conjured quite the wanderlust among our students, and the video submissions came pouring in.


From the desert to the beach, our October voyage brought eLS training to the Caribbean islands for the fourth annual Security BSides Puerto Rico. eLearnSecurity was again a prize sponsor to the region’s premiere IT security event, and gave away a Practical Web Defense training course (Get your free PWD module here).


It was also around this time that a certain number of students got their [REDACTED] to the secret project. But we’re not at liberty to disclose any more.

November: Boxed in

November took us a few steps ahead of everybody with our three-Fridays-long Black Friday sale! This time giving students the freedom to bundle their choice of courses with the 4-In-A-Box Deal.

December: It’s a wrap!

After two months and more than a dozen entries later – December marked the closing of MISSION: Dubai. The grand prize-winning submission came from Costin-Alin Neacsu. Four other competitors also came away as winners, each bagging an eLearnSecurity training course of their own.

While an unfortunate road block put a delay on Costin’s Dubai trip, we didn’t let that dampen our holiday spirit! This year, we played Santa and dropped everyone their own Christmas gifts. The eLS Gift Card was used the world over by students eager to get a head start on their IT security certs for the coming year.

2016 was also the year that we launched a revamped version of our B2B program, in which we successfully got a handful of Fortune 500 companies on-board with eLS corporate training, and snagged government contracts with Defense departments from several countries.

The Student Spotlight video featured several students talking about the training courses, certifications, labs, support, and community, and wraps up the year in a nice, little, 6-minute package. It’s a fitting finish line to our 2016 mission of advancing our students’ skills and careers in IT security.

But the road goes on!

The eLS team wants to thank each and every one of you for your continuous support, and for ending the year with us on a high note.

If it’s any indication, the past year was just a precursor to even greater things in store for you in these next 12 months. And you don’t even have to wait too long – we’re about to get a lot more technical with you. Keep the 24th of January on your radars!

Well, what else is there to say but: 2017, let’s get it on!

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