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David vs Goliath: Penetration Testing Professional Goes Live

With a little help from our friends in cyber security, eLearnSecurity’s latest pentesting course now has a release date.

When I called two friends, Brett and Vipin, to coauthor the Penetration Testing Professional training course, I didn’t intend for them to work one full year, night and day. All of us had our 8-5 job, university, families and eventually girlfriends.

We wanted to make a different course, but at the very beginning, we didn’t know where we were about to land.

Things got so exciting along the way that our small project became massive. 

And now here we are, exceeding our huge expectations. After a full year, and now two weeks from our release, everyone is working throughout the night on eLearnSecurity, polishing the troves of course material (it’s really hard to handle 1600 flash slides and 4 hours of video), making the students’ area smooth and pleasant, preparing course translations and arranging for new updates.

So I guess you will forgive me if I spend the first post of our blog to say thanks to the guys who believed in this project: Brett, Vipin, Nitin, Domenico and Ilaria.

If you’re wondering the reason for the title of this post let me copy and paste Jason Haddix’s (SecurityAegis and EthicalHacker training reviewer) upcoming review title that will be published in the next few days on EthicalHacker.net:

eLearnSecurity – What the CEH should have been

Enough said.


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