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Cyber Security Challenge Belgium 2017

As some of you probably figured out already, we just can’t get enough of a good hacking event here at eLearnSecurity. And now, we’re back at it – we’re pleased to announce that we’ve collaborated with Cyber Security Challenge Belgium as one of its prize partners for the third installment of this security competition.

The battlefield of Europe

Held annually in the capital city of this historic, geographically-strategic country since 2015, Cyber Security Challenge Belgium features a Capture The Flag-styled competition open to students enrolled in a Belgian academic institution. Teams of 4 encounter challenges which range from network, web app, and mobile app security to cryptography and reverse engineering. (Get started with your mobile security and RE training)

Highlights of the 2016 Edition of Cyber Security Challenge Belgium

The top 10 teams able to make it out of the Qualifiers round will be invited to compete in the top-secret Final round, which will be held in a currently undisclosed location in Brussels. As of writing, the 140 teams registered are in the heat of battle – gunning for those coveted 10 spots to the March 17th, 2017 Finals event. Catch the play-by-play here.

Sponsored by the country’s largest corporations, as well as various organizations committed to advocating security education and awareness, competitors who shine the most in the challenges not only capture the eyes of some of the top companies in the industry, but also earn themselves the chance to win awesome prizes – with the top one being a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada for the largest hacker convention in the US, DEFCON 2017.

And speaking of awesome prizes,

To make the top spots even more enticing, we’ve thrown in a few courses in there. Each of the four members of the second-placing team will be awarded a Penetration Testing Professional v4 training course in the Full Edition, as well as 30 days of access to the Coliseum WAS 360 vulnerable web applications, while the third placers will each receive the Penetration Testing Student v3 course in the Elite edition.

Follow the action

The competition is already underway, and you can see how the teams you’re rooting for are doing in their live scoreboard. You can also learn more about #CSCB17 here.

Train for battle

You could also get yourself ready for cyber security challenges by trying your hand at some of our hands-on training courses. Get your free access to:

Penetration Testing Student v3
Penetration Testing Professional v4
Coliseum WAS 360


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