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Conversations with Cyber Security Professionals: Steph and Sec

eLearnSecurity sat down with Stephanie Ihezukwu, known online as Steph and Sec. She serves as a Lead for WoSEC Houston and served as lead for WISP at last year’s DefCon. She speaks at security conferences on various topics. She co-hosts a “happy hour” inspired podcast called Coolest Nerds in the Room, where she leads conversations based on the lives of people in tech.

She writes blog posts on her website, http://StephAndSec.com, which is also her side business. Plus, she recently released a course for LinkedIn Learning on Social Engineering and Security Awareness. Stephanie recognizes those that inspired her or helped her get to where she is today and hopes that everything she accomplishes moving forward does the same for others.

Steph has had a long and unique career in cyber security, one that started late when she transitioned from a journalism major to computer science in college. However, she left school early to develop on-the-job experience that she found invaluable compared to the classroom setting. 

She is an advocate for learning on the job and finding a mentor in the business early on. For Stephanie, that meant finding someone who could relate to her experience as a black woman navigating the male-dominated cyber security industry. 

For more insights into her training and growth in the industry, her early years as a child of Nigerian immigrants, and some keys to her success, listen to the interview on YouTube or press play on the video above.

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