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Conversations with Cyber Security Professionals – Mari Galloway

eLearnSecurity sat down with Mari Gallow, CEO of Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu to discuss her experiences in cyber security and how to make strides toward a more inclusive industry.


Mari Galloway is currently a Senior Security Architect located in Las Vegas, Nevada, but her cyber security career wasn’t always guaranteed. In the interview, she mentions failing one of her first certifications by only a handful of points. It’s a reality many in the industry face when they begin their training, and it took mentors and long hours studying for Mari to bounce back from her initial setback. 

The idea of finding a mentor comes up a lot in conversations with cyber security professionals. When you’re new to the field, training and studying for certifications can seem daunting. As Mari mentions toward the end of the interview, finding a mentor is crucial to professional growth, and to do that, you need to network. 

Whether you are attending virtual conferences during the pandemic or meeting with local cyber security professionals, get your name out there and talk with people who have been there before and are willing to help those just beginning their cyber security career.

Mari found her network in the Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu (WSC). WCS “serves thousands of women, men and girls across the globe by bringing awareness to, and advancing careers in, cybersecurity.” The WSC hosts webinars and events that are focused on empowering women to succeed in cybersecurity.

Check out the Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu website to learn more about the organization or attend one of their events.

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