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It’s a pretty cool 2016 for eLearnSecurity – from the launch of PTPv4, to the upcoming UNLOCKED training course launch, and of course, that secret project Armando was talking about. The second half of the year has been off to a good start, and it’s just bound to get even more exciting.

This week, we wanted to add something else to the mix.

We want you to meet brainXploit.



Okay, so what’s brainXploit?

brainXploit is a series of challenges designed to rack your brains on all things IT Security. The rules are so simple we feel silly having to even mention them: We post challenges on the eLearnSecurity Community Forums, keep it open for five days, and you reply with your answers. Easy as pie!

The challenges will be a mix of everything – from cybersecurity history, to hacking in pop culture, all the way to SQL injection challenges.

So head on over to the forum! You might just be able to dazzle everyone with your endless trivia knowledge, show off your hacking prowess, or heck, maybe even just learn a thing or two.

Game on!

brainXploit 1: “Who was the first hacker?”

brainXploit 2: “What was the world’s first digital weapon?”

brainXploit 3: “The first reported vulnerability”

brainXploit 4: “Attack on E Corp” [based on the TV series, Mr. Robot]

brainXploit 5: “Crack the code”

brainXploit 6: “Crack the code 2”

brainXploit 7: “Vulnerability hunt”

brainXploit 8: “Security trivia”

brainXploit 9: “Crack the code 3”

brainXploit 10: “Vulnerability hunt 2”


Good luck!

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