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How to Become a Professional Network Penetration Tester

This July, we leave you no room for excuses as we offer you our hands-on Network Penetration Testing training courses – Penetration Testing Professional v3 (PTPv3) and Penetration Testing Student v3 (PTSv3).

Everyday, we hear news and stories of data breaches in various companies. Cyberattacks are soaring and the number of information security researchers is not enough. But where do you start? Here’s a training course package that will guide you to become a professional network pentester.

Enroll into any Edition of PTPv3 and we add the matching Edition of PTSv3 for you at no additional cost. Save us much as 399 USD! Use coupon code “PTS-715” during enrollment here.

Network Penetration Testing training courses

These two courses will provide you all the skills you need to become a professional Network Penetration Tester. You will have a fun time as you learn by doing. You will be provided with practical training in the industry-leading virtual labs. Learn more about the courses by clicking the corresponding icons below.

PTPPenetration Testing Professional – PTPv3 is the premier IT Security training course where you gain the skills to become a pentester. It comes with a virtual lab environment for you to practice various pentesting exercises. It comes with the eCPPT certification which certifies that you know how to conduct penetration tests in a real-world environment. (Try the PTPv3 for FREE here).


PTSPenetration Testing Student – PTSv3 – This training course builds a solid foundation in IT Security and covers all the necessary concepts and techniques to prepare you for a more advanced field of learning in the future. This comes with the eJPT certification.


Don’t wait too long to enroll. Use coupon code “PTS-715” here – PTPv3 Enroll

Offer valid until July 31st 2015, 11:59pm PDT. Terms & conditions apply. Can’t be combined with other offers or bundles.

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