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Cyber Criminals Taking Advantage of Coronavirus Pandemic

Malware and phishing attacks during a global pandemic emphasize the need for trained cyber security professionals

The staggering number of new COVID-19 cases reported every day are one reminder that the world is facing massive upheaval. With an unprecedented amount of the workforce resigned to home offices and IT teams struggling to monitor activities of their co-workers, the coronavirus has also turned into a boon for cyber criminals.

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eLearnSecurity’s Threat Hunting Professional Webinar is Coming

Learn more about updates to our Threat Hunting Professional Course and Watch a Live Lab Demo

eLearnSecurity will release a new version of Threat Hunting Professionals (THPv2) during a live webinar on March 24th. During the one hour webinar, course creators Dimitrios Bougioukas and Slavi Parpulov will discuss the essentials of threat hunting and outline course updates that address the modern threat landscape.

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Five Skills That Will Boost Your Pentesting Career

Finding your cyber security dream job starts with the proper training pathway.

Penetration testing is a fulfilling and lucrative position within the cyber security industry. Otherwise known as ethical hackers, pentesters work with companies to exploit weaknesses in their network, systems, and applications to ultimately create a safer online environment.

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Pentesting 101: More Domain Tools

Tools of the trade for cyber security professionals

In the first article in eLearnSecurity’s introduction to pentesting methodology, Hisomeru discussed why Technical OSINT is foundational to penetration testing and introduced tools to gather information from a client. In this article, Hisomeru continues the discussion on how to collect Technical OSINT.

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Penetration Testing 101

An Introduction to Cyber Security Methodologies

This is a new series of articles that will cover the complete penetration testing methodology based largely on case studies of previous hacks. These articles will cover initial reconnaissance, picking an attack vector, gaining a foothold, maintaining presence, lateral movement, and finally going after the prize.

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Hacking Your RSA Experience

Set your agenda and use RSA to advance your cyber security career

RSA is one of the largest cyber security conferences in the world, with more than 50,000 infosec professionals descending on San Francisco in late February. The agenda is overwhelming, whether this is your first trip or your tenth, with speakers, sessions, and topics covering a vast array of modern security subjects.

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Credential Harvesting: The Human Factor of Cyber Security

Today’s breaches continue to start with compromised email accounts, with monetary gain remaining the top motivation for stealing login credentials. Typically, these are opportunistic attacks, a sort of spray and pray tactic. According to ProofPoint’s report Human Factor 2019, 25% of phishing emails in 2018 were generic credential harvesting.

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