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Hacking Your RSA Experience

Set your agenda and use RSA to advance your cyber security career

RSA is one of the largest cyber security conferences in the world, with more than 50,000 infosec professionals descending on San Francisco in late February. The agenda is overwhelming, whether this is your first trip or your tenth, with speakers, sessions, and topics covering a vast array of modern security subjects.

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Credential Harvesting: The Human Factor of Cyber Security

Today’s breaches continue to start with compromised email accounts, with monetary gain remaining the top motivation for stealing login credentials. Typically, these are opportunistic attacks, a sort of spray and pray tactic. According to ProofPoint’s report Human Factor 2019, 25% of phishing emails in 2018 were generic credential harvesting.

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Introducing Web Application Penetration Testing Extreme Version 2

Penetration testing for web applications is constantly changing as new threats evolve. In that vein, eLearnSecurity is releasing an updated version of our Web Application Penetration Testing eXtreme course, WAPTXv2. The latest version includes vital updates and a new module on serialization that covers Java, PHP, and .NET as well as untypical serialization you may come across during pentesting.

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