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Conversations with Cyber Security Professionals: Steph and Sec

eLearnSecurity sat down with Stephanie Ihezukwu, known online as Steph and Sec. She serves as a Lead for WoSEC Houston and served as lead for WISP at last year’s DefCon. She speaks at security conferences on various topics. She co-hosts a “happy hour” inspired podcast called Coolest Nerds in the Room, where she leads conversations based on the lives of people in tech.

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eLearnSecurity Cyber Security News Roundup: May 11

New IoT and ransomware threats headline this week’s top stories. Plus a brand new malware course from eLearnSecurity.

eLearnSecurity releasing Malware Analysis Professional on May 19

With the rapid development of malware, many businesses are struggling to defend their network against malicious software and quickly analyze and eliminate attacks.

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Introducing Malware Analysis Professional

eLearnSecurity is excited to announce a new addition to our industry-leading arsenal of cyber security courses: Malware Analysis Professional (MAP).

MAP introduces students to the complex world of malware, how cyber security professionals use various tools to dissect malicious software, and the knowledge needed to analyze intrusions.

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Pentesting 101: Human OSINT Continued

eLearnSecurity’s guide to penetration testing fundamentals continues with more information on human OSINT

Google and file searches on a website are good ways to accomplish manual Human OSINT. However, most penetration testers like automation. There is a tool called “Maltego” that automates many of the search processes one would use on multiple search engines and social media platforms.

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Pentesting 101: Human OSINT

When gathering initial information, penetration testers need to focus on an organization’s human element.

In the last article, Hisomeru covered the technical aspects of Open Source Intelligence or OSINT. OSINT traditionally comes in two different forms, Technical and Human. For penetration tests, it is equally important to know the human aspect of the target network just as well as knowing the technical aspects.

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Cyber Criminals Taking Advantage of Coronavirus Pandemic

Malware and phishing attacks during a global pandemic emphasize the need for trained cyber security professionals

The staggering number of new COVID-19 cases reported every day are one reminder that the world is facing massive upheaval. With an unprecedented amount of the workforce resigned to home offices and IT teams struggling to monitor activities of their co-workers, the coronavirus has also turned into a boon for cyber criminals.

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The Legal Ramifications of Cyber Security Threat Intelligence Gathering

IT teams that access dark forums for cyber security intelligence are urged to use caution and practice transparency

While dark markets and the dark web can provide valuable information for cyber security professionals, organizations and individuals need to follow laws and regulations and maintain open lines of communication with law enforcement to avoid major investigative scrutiny.

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