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Top 5 Hackmes in January 2015

jan 2015 hackmes

We rounded up the Top 5 Hackme challenges started by users in January 2015. Based on the list, we have a new entry which is the Simple Directory Traversal 2 Challenge.

Hack.me is a free-for-all virtual lab on web application security that offers various fun and challenging scenarios to test your penetration testing skills.

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Google Vulnerability Research Grant – $3,133.70 Reward

google vulnerability research grant

Google has launched the Vulnerability Research Grant which is an experimental initiative to reward information security researchers that look into their products and services even if there are no vulnerabilities found. These IT researchers (sometimes known as white-hat hackers) will be provided upfront awards as high as 3,133.70 USD.

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Tips to Prevent Cyber-Security Breaches

Tips to Prevent Cyber-Security Breaches

It’s just the start of a new year and already three companies have been reported to have suffered Security breaches – restaurant chain Chick-Fil-A, bit-coin exchange Bitstamp, and investment firm Morgan Stanley.

Aside from the widely publicized Sony Hack reported late last year 2014, new headlines have been added to the list of cybersecurity victims.

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