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Top 5 Hackmes in May 2015

may 2015 hackme

One challenge moved down and four new challenges entered our Top 5 Hackme’s for May 2015. Restrictions Bypass – PHP took the top spot for the most number of users  taking the challenge for the month.

Hack.me is a place for web app security enthusiasts who want to test their skills and try to break into these exercises.

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WAPTv2 Course Launch on 23rd June 2015

The finest training course on web application security - Web Application Penetration Testing v2, WAPTv2 - launches on June 23. This FREE webinar will be hosted by IT Security Researcher, Davide "GiRa" Girardi, and eLearnSecurity Founder and CEO, Armando Romeo. Reserve your FREE seat and to get updates, specials and your event ticket here: WAPTv2 Course Launch Early Bird Registration

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What is a Targeted Email Attack?

targeted email attack

Japan Pension Service (JPS) announced that they have been hacked and data of about 1.25 million people was leaked. These data include names, address, pension IDs, and birth dates. According to a report, the reason for the leakage was due to an employee opening an attachment from an email which contained a virus.

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3.9 Million Accounts of Adult Dating Website Exposed

adultfrienfinder hacking

Adult dating website, AdultFriendFinder.com, was recently compromised by hackers and data of about 3.9 million users have been affected by the breach. Information exposed in this massive cyberattack include email addresses, usernames and passwords, birthdays, sexual preferences and other sensitive information that is all too revealing. 

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Security and the Internet of Things (Infographic)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is rising fast and something to think about when connecting your smart devices at home or at work are the risks involved. Objects, cloud services and sensors used to communicate information are here to stay and with this progressing technology, it is wise to stay updated on how to keep your data secure and private.

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Get 1 Million Air Miles with United Airlines Bug Bounty Program

united airlines

eLearnSecurity students, want to get 1 million air miles? Go get yourself a reward with United Airlines Bug Bounty Program!

American airline company, United Airlines, launched a bug bounty program (a first in the airline industry) rewarding information security researchers as much as 1 million air miles for finding high-critical vulnerabilities in their websites, applications or online portals.

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Healthcare Cybersecurity Breaches Cost $6 billion a Year

Criminal attacks are the number one cause of cybersecurity breaches in the healthcare industry and is costing these companies billions annually. According to a study by research firm, Ponemon Institute, 90 percent of healthcare organizations had a security breach and 40 percent of these organizations had more than 5 data breaches in the past 2 years.

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