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Announcing: Threat Hunting Professional Version Two

We updated our threat hunting training course to include new hunting TTPs that address the modern cyber security threat landscape.

eLearnSecurity is proud to announce a new version of our Threat Hunting Professional (THPv2) course. THPv2, which is slated for release on March 24th, has been fully updated with new approaches to threat hunting and modern TTPs. Our cyber security experts introduce students to useful tools such as MITRE Att&ck and new techniques to help strengthen detection capabilities. You’ll also learn how to create hypotheses that focus your threat hunting efforts.

Why invest in THPv2? Blue team members are in high demand, and many organizations are searching for candidates who have the training necessary to detect and weed out intruders within a network. Threat hunters especially are valuable. Every second a hacker goes undetected costs companies money. Cyber professionals who understand how to stamp out attacks quickly save their organization money while protecting sensitive customer information and intellectual property. 

New Threats, New Hunting Techniques

THPv2 has important updates regarding log collection capabilities, including unique lessons on detection possibilities for more advanced hacking techniques such as Unmanaged PowerShell, AMSI Bypasses, .NET Malware, LOLBAS and more.

Version two also triples the number of threat hunting labs through eLearnSecurity’s Hera Labs. THPv2 lab simulations will help develop practical skills through real-world scenario training. You’ll practice hunting for memory resident malware and injection techniques with Volatility and use Splunk to hunt for abnormal networks and host-based activities. There are also labs covering Powershell for threat hunting. After completing THPv2, students can sit for its accompanying certification, eCTHP, to advance their cyber security career.

Upcoming THPv2 Webinar

Join us for the THPv2 Launch Webinar on March 24th at 1pm ET. Our cyber security experts will dive into the new Threat Hunting Professional updates and demo a new lab through eLearnSecurity’s Hera Labs.

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