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Anatomy Of A Great Penetration Tester [Infographic]

Penetration testers are skilled professionals responsible for finding, exploiting & reporting vulnerabilities before malicious hackers do. It is without a doubt a security’s best practice —when done right.  Here’s what makes a professional PenTester.

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There’s no doubt that penetration testing is a highly practical job. To become a professional pentester, you must not only have background knowledge of computer sciences, networking and programming, but also know the pentesting methodologies and, of course, how to actually perform tests on a various range of systems, applications, networks, WiFi, etc.

One important part of the penetration testing process is the reporting phase. A professional penetration tester knows how to redact thorough pentest reports in words that both technical teams and C-level execs can understand, as he will most definitely be judged on the quality of this report.

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