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5 Reasons Why We Pentesters Love Our Job

We’ve conducted our own research among penetration testers and asked them about the exciting aspects of their job. We find it helpful to hear it from these practicing professionals to give you a better insight on some of what they love about penetration testing. Here’s what they have to say.

Note: Some of the penetration testers we contacted preferred to remain anonymous

1/ There’s always a new challenge

“The best part of being a penetration tester is the obvious one. It is a challenging job, with a lot of fun and interesting things to learn. It is always a mind-blowing task while one feels the excitement of being a hacker without actually being the malicious guy.” ― Emmanouil

2/ You get to learn new tricks every day

“Learning is the thing I love the most. Each engagement leaves you some knowledge, and yet it gives you the feeling that you know nothing yet.” ―Anonymous

3/ You’re doing what you love

“The thing that I like about being a pentester is that this is my hobby and I am doing my hobby as a job.” ―Anonymous

4/ You get to use various technologies and gadgets

“Each company uses different technologies in infrastructure, network, mobile phones and so on. The best part about being a pentester is that you face new challenges every day. Studying, testing, and reading a lot is a must in this field, and I love it.” ― Anonymous

5/ You get pride from your accomplishments

“I love to write my own exploits and code ;)” ― Anonymous

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