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The Cyber Insecurity Show: Home Networks, Zoom Zero Day, Mobile App Fraud and Emergency Management

Welcome to the second episode of Cyber Insecurity, eLearnSecurity’s weekly show on all things cyber security. You can check us out on YouTube or on INE’s The IT Experts Network wherever you listen to podcasts.

This week Neal Bridges, Jeff Golz and Matt Kreisher tackle a number of topics related to the increased threat landscape due to COVID-19.

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eLearnSecurity Cyber Security News Roundup: June 25

eLearnSecurity Launches Version 2 of Penetration Testing eXtreme

On Tuesday, June 23, eLearnSecurity released the latest version of Penetration Testing Extreme, our most advanced pentesting course. We overhauled PTXv2 to address modern TTPs, especially regarding Active Directory attacks. Our course designers have also created 100+ hands-on red teaming challenges spread across 11+ attack scenarios in our industry leading labs.

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eLearnSecurity Cyber Security News Roundup: May 28

Malware and Web Application Security and Phishing OH MY!

eLearnSecurity Launches Malware Analysis Professional Course

eLearnSecurity officially launched our latest cyber security training course, Malware Analysis Professional (MAP) on May 19. As malware continues to plague modern industry, many organizations struggle to comprehend the effects of an attack, where the vulnerability started and the consequences of such a breach. 

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Conversations with Cyber Security Professionals: Steph and Sec

eLearnSecurity sat down with Stephanie Ihezukwu, known online as Steph and Sec. She serves as a Lead for WoSEC Houston and served as lead for WISP at last year’s DefCon. She speaks at security conferences on various topics. She co-hosts a “happy hour” inspired podcast called Coolest Nerds in the Room, where she leads conversations based on the lives of people in tech.

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eLearnSecurity Cyber Security News Roundup: May 11

New IoT and ransomware threats headline this week’s top stories. Plus a brand new malware course from eLearnSecurity.

eLearnSecurity releasing Malware Analysis Professional on May 19

With the rapid development of malware, many businesses are struggling to defend their network against malicious software and quickly analyze and eliminate attacks.

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Introducing Malware Analysis Professional

eLearnSecurity is excited to announce a new addition to our industry-leading arsenal of cyber security courses: Malware Analysis Professional (MAP).

MAP introduces students to the complex world of malware, how cyber security professionals use various tools to dissect malicious software, and the knowledge needed to analyze intrusions.

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