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Hack.me – House of the rising Sandbox

Yesterday we’ve announced our craziest project ever. We’ll release it on October 9th.
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If you still don’t know about it, please check it out here.

Ever since the first time I envisioned a platform where vulnerable web applications could be created and shared much like you do with a Mobile App on the Apple Store, me and Domenico Quaranta (@domequaranta), creator of Coliseum, would relentlessly put down notes and ideas on how this platform should have looked like.

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Nessus and Metasploit: Scan networks in pivoting

Tools: Nessus, Metasploit, Nmap, proxychains.

Attention: In our tests proxychains works only on 32 bit Backtrack 5

One of the best features that Metasploit offers is the ability of “pivoting”.  With this technique, an attacker can use a compromised machine as a “pivot” to attack other machines in the same or in other networks that the compromised host can reach.

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Join me in a Live webinar on our PTP2

Two months after the release of our Penetration testing course Professional v2, it’s time to uncover all the details and fantastic learning opportunities of our training course and Hera lab.

On May 29th I will personally walk you through our Penetration testing course and Virtual Labs, giving a live demo and answering all your questions (Yes you can ask live questions).

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