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Proud sponsors of the c0c0n conference 2010

In eLearnSecurity everyone is passionate about security. From the gatekeeper to the managers.
We always try to involve friends and other passionate practitioners to join our projects and when we can’t, we just support their projects wholeheartedly.

Manu Zacharia newly winner of the prestigious ISC2 Asia Pacific Information Security Leadership Achievements Award, organizer of the c0c0n conference 2010, is a good friend of eLearnSecurity and has picked our courses as the exclusive Prize sponsor for the Catch the Flag contest.

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Malware can bypass all Windows based AV’s

Now we are in trouble. A research from Matousec has revealed a means by which a hacker would be capable of disabling dozens of modern AV’s including McAfee, Symantec and friends.

The method, developed by software security researchers at matousec.com, works by exploiting the driver hooks the anti-virus programs bury deep inside the Windows operating system.

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Jarlsberg – A web app testing lab from Google

Thank you Google! A new and very effective way to learn web application security from the developer point of view has been announced: Jarlsberg .

The application is a vulnerable web application coded in Python that pentesters or web developer can try to hack from different perspectives: Black box testing, White hat testing through code inspection (addressed to Python coders)

To get the most out of this lab, you should have some familiarity with how a web application works (e.g., general knowledge of HTML, templates, cookies, AJAX, etc.).


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