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10 Reasons Why PTPv5 Is Right For You

Wondering if the PTPv5 course is right for you? Ask yourself this question “What am I looking for in an IT Security course, and what is my end-goal in this field?”. Here are 10 reasons why the PTPv5 training course is right for you.


  1. You want to be able to conduct professional pentests against Windows and Linux targets
  2. You want to have the skills to create your own buffer overflow exploits
  3. You want to know how to perform network manipulation, remote scanning & exploitation
  4. You want to master different attacking techniques to maximize exploitation
  5. You want to use cutting-edge toolkits like Powershell Empire, PowerSploit, Powerlurk, network manipulation techniques such as NBT-NS/ LLMNR poisoning
  6. You want to master modern attacking techniques like UAC bypass, WMI conjunction with Powershell
  7. You want to learn sneaky lateral movement techniques, such as PS Remoting, SSH hijacking, leveraging Samba secrets
  8. You want to become proficient in industry-standard roles outlined in the NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework by NIST
  9. You want to get access to your own virtual lab to practice the theoretical skills you’ve learned
  10. You want to become certified Professional Penetration Tester with the right hands-on skills to prove it

Did you think “Oh yeah, I definitely wanna be able to do that!” to most of the above key points? Then PTPv5 might just be the training course you’re looking for.

Overall, PTPv5 will help you gain all the technical skills to become a professional penetration tester. How? This professional pentesting course will give you access to the exact same training material currently used by the most important security companies and many of the Fortune 500 companies to train their IT Security teams.

Not so fast… There’s one more reason why you should enroll in the PTPv5 training course today! We’re offering you a free PTS training course in Elite Edition until November 30 😉

What better way to improve your pentesting skills and learn everything a professional pentester needs to know?

Aspiring to become a professional pentester? Try out the PTPv5 training course before enrolling!

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  • Giuseppe Cadeddu says:

    Hello, i’m already an ECPPT gold, that i took when i did PTPv3.
    How much i need to pay to upgrade my materiale?
    Do i need to retake cert?

    Thank you,
    Cadeddu G.

    • Marine D. says:

      Hi Giuseppe! You don’t need to retake the certification as eCPPT will always be valid. If you wish to retake it, then you will have 2 certifications. The new eCPPTv2 exam will cover more topics, all covered in the PTPv5 training course. Learn more here: http://www.elearnsecurity.com/certification/ecpptv2

      Since you are an existing student, please check your emails for exclusive upgrade offers 😉

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